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Please note: This is your last chance to take advantage of our free courses, the Advancing Digital programme ends December 2023. See final course dates >

Frequently asked questions

If you are new to Advancing Digital and have missed out on a course, please email us:

A:  All of the courses are free for eligible individuals until December 2023. Advancing Digital is funded through the European Social Fund.

A:  We have a range of short courses that might suit you. All of our courses are focused on improving your digital skills. Take a look through our course list.

A:  Our current courses will not lead to a qualification. However, they will help to develop your digital skills and knowledge. This will help you perform better at work, or progress in your career.

A:  Our courses vary in length and time they take to complete. Most of our scheduled courses take one day of instruction and with tutor support following that. Get in touch to find out more, email:

A:  You are eligible If you are employed and live in the South Yorkshire region, if you work in the region , and your commute is no more than 90 minutes.

Please get in touch. Our set of courses do change and we always want to know what people need. Alternatively, if you are an SME in the region a bespoke course might suit your needs. Either way, get in touch, email:


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