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Web Analytics: Beginner

Alternatively you might be interested in Web Analytics: Intermediate

Web Analytics Beginner


Gain an understanding of how your website is used by search engines, users and other businesses. 

This course will help you develop an enhanced analytical understanding of your target market, via the principles of web analytics, including search engine optimisation (SEO), responsive web design. Through this knowledge you will understand how other businesses target you, how to maintain a strong web presence, and how to improve your web strategy.

Companies need to know more about the mechanics of website design; understanding who finds their website and how to attract the right visitors is essential. This course will help you make the most of your web presence.

Core topics:

  • Overview of Web Analytics 
    • Familiarise yourself with basics of what analytics are collected when using a site 
    • Learn why it’s important to monitor and evolve your content based on analytics 
  • Basics of web design 
    • Learn what functions and operations are available to you when you are using your site (e.g. inspector tool) 
    • HTML, CSS and JavaScript, what does this mean in analytics? 
  • Cookies, consent, addons and perspective 
    • Learn about what it means to be a defensive browser 
    • Learn about what it means to be a Seller  
    • Learn about how different user types will use your website  

Who should attend?

  • Website owners (e.g. managers or marketers) 
  • Website users wanting to understand their digital footprint 

Alternatively you might be interested in Web Analytics: Intermediate

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