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CRM Training for Businesses:
Maximising Sales Pipeline & Leveraging CRMs



Join us for our CRM session, the first day will be a taught interactive morning session online, with a 15-minute consultation slot on the second day. At this slot you can either go over topics from the previous day or bring your own questions and data.

Learn the fundamentals of CRMs and developing an effective Sales Pipeline Strategy. This module will help you understand lead management and qualification along with leveraging CRM features for opportunity tracking, follow-ups and collaboration. Techniques learned in this module are applicable to both small and large businesses. Additionally, the module will cover strategies for successful CRM implementation for systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and Pipedrive.

In this module you will learn about the best practices for ongoing CRM maintenance and continuous improvement, how to understand and generate insights from your CRM data and, how to transform reports into meaningful Sales information.

Core topics:

  • Understanding CRM Fundamentals
    • Definition and purpose of CRM in the context of small businesses
    • Key features and functionalities of CRMs
  • Developing an Effective Sales Pipeline Strategy
    • Defining and optimising the stages of the sales pipeline
    • Strategies for effectively managing leads and opportunities within the pipeline
  • Lead Management & Qualification
    • Importance of Lead Management in the sales process
    • Techniques for generating and also nurturing existing leads
    • Role of CRM in Lead Management and tracking
  • Making the most of your CRM
    • Setting up your CRM for optimal performance
    • Customising your CRM to align with your sales processes
    • Integrations of CRM with other business tools and systems


  • Access to a laptop with an internet connection
  • To embark on this module, it is beneficial to have some previous Microsoft application use (though not critical).
  • Access to a CRM system such as Pipedrive or Microsoft Dynamics or similar CRM.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to learn and expand their CRM fundamentals
  • Those that have experience in CRM processes but not fully realising the benefits
  • Those with working knowledge of a sales process but looking for better management of the process

There are no scheduled dates for this course. If you are interested in it or have any other questions, please get in touch via