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Cybersecurity Course: Be Business Secure

Be Business Secure


Advancing Digital is offering free cybersecurity courses in South Yorkshire for local employers and employees. 

Do you want to check you’re ready for and aware of cyber dangers? Then, join us on this short course – Be Business Secure

The threats to business from cyber threats grows every day, do not be the next victim of phishing, ransomware, or worse.

It will provide you with an understanding of cyber security issues relevant to the workplace and domestic life. The course will explain relevant technical jargon and enable you to be safe and secure online. Despite how safe you think you are, there is often something else you can do to make you even safer and this course can help

Topics will include:  

  • Cyber Security and Cyber Attacks
    • Common Security Threats and Mitigations
  • Phishing
    • Cyber Breaches and Phishing Attacks
  • Network Security
    • Pentest Tools
    • Securing your router
    • Setting up and securing networks
  • Cyber Hygiene
  • System and Account
    • System Hardening
    • Account Hardening
    • Password tester tool
  • Security Tools
  • Data Protection
    • Backup policy
    • BYOD
  • Effective ways to keep your business safe and secure

There are no more scheduled dates for this course. If you are interested in it or have any other questions, please get in touch via