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Project Management: Intermediate

Alternatively you might be interested in Project Management: Beginner



This course will develop your project management skills. It introduce concepts related to project delivery and monitoring, along with project evaluation, review, and disaster management. It uses contemporary digital tools and techniques to support management. It can help ensure your readiness for a PRINCE2/Agile accreditation. 

Core topics:

  • Teams 
    • Utilising your teams effectively 
    • Key components of creating necessary support for the team  
    • Project superstars and roles 
  • Project delivery and monitoring 
    • Learn how to use Risk management principles to predict and mitigate potential project threats 
    • Learn about key methodologies and techniques such as SMART, KPIs, Milestones etc  
  • Project Evaluation and review 
    • Learn to use techniques such as impact analysis, benchmarking and baselining your projects, writing and reviewing cost benefit analyses 
  • Disaster management  
    • Learn about what the common pitfalls are within project management  
    • How to handle a project disaster such as budgetary issues or conflict 

Who should attend?

  • Team leaders 
  • Mentors 
  • Project managers 

Alternatively you might be interested in Project Management: Beginner

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