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Databases: Intermediate

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On this short course you would learn how to modernise, improve and optimise how you use your data. Data issues can appear because data is not effectively stored or properly managed. You may have too much data in spreadsheets that are used by different people. This short course will allow you to analyse and document your data and help identify weaknesses while specifying how improvements could be made. You will learn about database creation, automation and cleaning. This includes database and table creation, stored procedures, schemas and user-defined types. Additionally, roles, access levels, and managing backups will be demonstrated.

Core topics:

  • Creating a database 
    • Fresh database creation 
    • From a backup file 
    • From an import file 
  • Database Automation 
    • Stored procedures 
    • Triggers 
    • Schemas 
    • User-defined types 
  • Database interaction management  
    • Roles 
    • Access levels 
    • Backups and restore  

Who should attend?

  • Tech engineers looking to manage data 
  • Those developing their databases skills
  • Data analysts  

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Alternatively you might be interested in Databases: Beginner

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