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Advancing Excel (internal to SHU)

data-analytics Intermediate

Advancing Excel: Make Sense of Your Data (WED 6)

This short online session (10:30 – 13:00) aims to support you in developing your data management skills with Excel. It will range from cleaning and formatting data to creating insightful charts and employing formulas to support your analysis. The session will include: managing data with blanks, duplications, odd formats and inconsistent terms; collating data into a single cell; using tables, formatting and automatic lookup; and the beginning of Data Analysis.

Whether you are a beginner or have some Excel experience, this short course will boost your confidence and proficiency in handling data efficiently.

Advancing Excel: Processing and Visualising Data (WED 13)

This short online session (10:30 Р13:00) aims to support you in developing your data processing skills with Excel. It is aimed at helping you process data using the powerful functions and tools offered by Excel. The session will include: conditional formatting, data validation and consolidation, summarising data, working across sheets, as well as pivot tables.

Whether you are new to Excel or seeking to advance your skills, this short course offers a practical interactive learning experience that improve your effectiveness and efficiency in processing data.

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